Group Artylakva and Partners –”ILCG”
International Law Consulting Group Artylakva and Partners- ILCG is established on the basis of foreign investments and represents one of the leading legal companies in Georgia which has successfully operated for over 10 years. In order to assist our partners in making business and protect their interests, we have created team of professionals, who render our clients high quality service. Members of our company are graduates from Tbilisi I. Javakhishvili State University, as well as other foreign higher institutions. Gained knowledge and education enables us to be oriented not only on acting legislation of Georgia, but also on foreign legal systems and international privite law. Specialists of “ILCG” possess several foreign languages which enables us to successfully serve our foreign clients. Our objective is to offer our clients wide range of legal, financial and other types of service, that will bring success to their business.

We, by the young aspiration, purposefulness and diligence are ready to use all our potential for assisting our clients. Besides practical activities , lawyers of ILCG devote much time and attention to the scientific works. Namely, they publish essays in various editions, as well as prepare educational programs in the field of civil law. In corresponding sections of our site you have a chance to be acquainted with principal trends of our activity.

How we make relations with clients?
On the first consultation we aim to fully reveal types of problems arising in connection with the client’s business and offer ways out from the situation , different variants of their connection. High professional level of ILCG lawyers enables to reveal the weak points in the shortest period, existence of which the clients may not even suppose. Many “simple questions” may represent the whole complex of problems, in solving of which opportune reaction is necessary. If originally everything is made legally correctly and right, then you will avoid the situations when:

1) Company established by you can not obtain necessary license, as the charter is incomplete;
2) There are no necessary formulations in incorporation documentation , due to which you can not make necessary installments in your charter capital (non- monetary contributions);
3) Selling of your company becomes a huge problem, as incorrect organizational –legal from had been selected;
4) And many others.

Gained practical experience enables us to offer you real mechanisms for solving your tasks, being connected with development of new courses of your business, as well as reforming the existing one. Our firm is distinguished from others exactly by the high quality service and individual attitude towards the client’s problems; It enables us to offer clients dealing with non-standard situations and solving such tasks. We think that qualified legal service is necessary not only on the original stage of the business, or when problems already appeared, but also in the “normal” course of operation.
In the mentioned situation we offer you the following service: “Complex Legal Service”. This maybe convenient for the companies having no lawyers in the staff, as well as for small companies or other cases. At clients’ desire legal firm- ILCG can organize convening of the meeting of shareholders, in the form they desire, beginning from methodic recommendations and ending with the whole technical organization, including convening of meeting, counting of votes, recording minutes, etc. We do not intend to stop on the achieved point. That is exactly why we always try to raise our professional level and develop new technology for serving clients.
Implementation of new offers on our side directly depends on your successful business.

We are always ready to help you!